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1.  We create worry-free products, and we can prove it. From our comprehensive testing to clinical-quality manufacturing, we’re committed to total transparency and independent verification – from start to finish.

  • botanical identify using microscopy or HPTLC
  • phytoforensic verification
  • synthetic cannabinoid testing
  • full heavy metal panels
  • residual pesticide panel
  • microbiological analysis
  • class I, II, + III solvents testing
  • stability assurance

2. We are the only CBD company to implement a quality assurance protocol instead of relying solely on contract manufacturers and cannabis testing labs to perform QA/ QC. We partner with Flora Research Laboratories who has been involved in many National Institutes of Health and Food and Drug Administration jointly funded method development programs through AOAC International.

3. Our nutraceuticals are rooted in nature, and we’re keeping it that way. We keep our formulations simple, leaning on our CO2 extraction process to produce next-level products. We source organic wherever we can, and scrutinize the purity of every single ingredient.

4. We test for hundreds of impurities in our products and prove potency of our hemp. Did we mention we’re quality assurance enthusiasts? Every product must undergo phytoforensic testing for over 450 potential contaminants before a finished product goes to market. We also verify that the active hemp amounts on the bottle are accurate and consistent.

5. We’re actively setting a higher bar for hemp. Developing higher standards for ourselves and the industry as a whole is a huge, but important task. We’re partnered with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) trained professionals to establish and implement better hemp product Standard Operating Procedures.

6. We take great care to craft pure and potent nutraceuticals. Our products utilize clinical-grade formulation technologies to capture the full range of active constituents from every ingredient.

7. Our expertise is your advantage. We’re expanding the definition of “quality” in our products every day. Our love for making exceptional products comes from 50+ years of combined technology and CPG experience.



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