CBD Capsules: All You Need to Know

oil capsules

As you may know, CBD products come in many forms, sizes, and shapes. 

The huge variety of choices, when it comes to CBD products, means that it can be hard to make a decision about which product to buy. At the same time, many different options increase the chance of finding something that will perfectly meet your needs. 

Some of the usual CBD products are tinctures, topicals, capsules, pills, and edibles.

In this article, we will focus on CBD capsules – cannabidiol infused products known as one of the most convenient forms for consuming this powerful compound. 

We will also give you an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of using CBD in this form and hopefully help you with your future cannabidiol purchase. 

Of course, every person has different preferences and only you can know in the end if capsules are your cup of tea when it comes to consuming CBD. 

So, let’s find out why someone would want to buy CBD in this form.

Reasons to Buy CBD in Capsules

CBD capsules are classic or soft gel pills whose main content is cannabidiol. Besides CBD, these capsules can also contain many other ingredients (cannabinoids, flavonoids, coconut oil, hemp or olive oil). Whether CBD will be the only ingredient that fills the capsules depends on the manufacturers and the type of CBD products.

Since the usage of cannabidiol in this form is more practical in comparison to other CBD products, cannabidiol-infused capsules are one of the favorite choices of many users.

Let’s take a look at the main advantages of this product:

Easy to Use

Due to their size and shape, capsules can be used everywhere; they don’t require being at some specific location or using a specific way of consumption. 

Furthermore, taking CBD pills requires no additional devices, which is not the case with some other CBD products. As long as you have the CBD pill and some water with you, you can get your dose of cannabidiol anywhere and anytime.

All this makes them perfect for new users since they are obviously very easy to use, being no different than any other supplement capsules. Consumers don’t need to change their daily habits since taking cannabidiol in this form can simply be added to the daily routine of taking other supplements.

Odorless and Tasteless

CBD products can often taste like grass, which is probably not the most enjoyable sensation in the world, so many consumers are looking for options to take it but to avoid the flavor. 

One of the options for those customers are CBD capsules — since they are tasteless, users don’t need to worry about feeling any discomfort due to taste.

Another great thing about them is that they are odorless, which means that you can discreetly take and consume them anywhere you want.

Long-Lasting CBD Effects 

The effects of taking CBD capsules last longer than some other ways of using the CBD (e.g. topicals) because capsules are taken orally. 

That means that cannabidiol in capsules needs to go through several paths until it reaches the bloodstream and until the consumer can feel the full effects of CBD.  

Capsules are made from natural material, so once they reach the stomach they are dissolved, releasing the CBD they are filled with. After the stomach processes the cannabidiol, it gets into the blood and the consumer starts to feel the effects. 

The effects of the CBD taken this way lasts for a couple of hours which is longer than with any other way of consumption. 

There are some disadvantages to using CBD capsules, so be sure to check what they are before you decide to buy the product.

What to Consider Before Buying CBD in Capsules

Slow Onset Time of Effects

We already mentioned that the effects of CBD that is taken via capsules last longer. However, before the effects kick in, the consumer needs to wait for quite some time. The stomach first needs to process the capsules so that cannabidiol can get into the blood. Only after that will the CBD affect the body. 

So, if you want almost instantaneous effects and pain relief, maybe it is better to try other methods of consuming CBD such as using tinctures or vaping CBD.

Treating Local Pain Can Be Tricky

If you need CBD to treat local pain, for example, sore leg muscles or irritated facial skin, it is better to use some other cannabidiol-infused product such as CBD creams and lotions, that can be put directly on the painful spot. This way, you will feel the relief faster than by using capsules.

However, if you happen to have digestion problems, taking capsules is a great way to use cannabidiol for these symptoms, because cannabidiol in pills will go directly to the digestive system.

Experimenting With Dosage

CBD capsules come in different sizes and weights. Each capsule contains a predetermined, exact amount of cannabidiol. So, when you know your dose, you can take the exact amount of CBD by taking one or two capsules.

Dosing can be tricky if you want to moderate your dosage. For example, if you want to take 150 mg of cannabidiol and one capsule only has 100 mg of CBD, it will be difficult to take the desired dosage. 

Of course, if your dose is exact as the amount of the CBD in capsule, you will obviously have no worries about whether you are taking the required amount of CBD. 

Categories of Capsules

Like any other CBD product, manufacturers make many varieties of CBD capsules to satisfy the different needs of the consumer. 

Different Strength

CBD capsules can have different strengths depending on the concentration of the cannabidiol in them. Usually, they are made in a wide range of concentrations from 100 mg to 1000 mg of CBD per capsule. Information about the exact amount of cannabidiol inside each capsule should be stated on the package. That way users can choose the strength of the product only by looking at the statement on the label.

Different CBD Extract

The market offers CBD capsules that are made from full CBD extract, broad CBD extracts or CBD isolate. The main difference between these extracts is the absence/presence of other active compounds in the extract besides cannabidiol (other cannabinoids, flavonoids or terpenes). Also, different extracts have different effects on the body and they provide different benefits to the consumer. 

Different Types of Capsules

There are two basic types of cannabidiol-infused capsules: classic capsules and soft gels. 

Soft gels are filled with cannabidiol oil, or cannabidiol extract mixed with castor oil (e.g. olive oil, coconut oil or hemp oil). 

The content of classic capsules is the same as the one in the soft gels. Sometimes they contain CBD in powdered form. 

Although there are no crucial differences between soft gels and classic capsules, some users prefer soft gels since they are easier to swallow. It’s usually a matter of habit. 


As for all other CBD products, before any purchase, always look at the label of the capsules where you can find detailed information about how they are manufactured, how to use them and how to store them in order to save their freshness.