We source our CBD from industrial hemp from authorised producers in Colorado in compliance with its Industrial Hemp Program and uses CDA (Colorado State Department of Agriculture) Approved Certified Seed, which means that the seed is approved and labeled by the CDA for cultivating industrial hemp.

We work with farms primarily in the state of Colorado, USA, as well as some other states which grow industrial hemp. Colorado is ideal for growing conditions due to its high altitude, flat land and many rivers flowing directly from the foothills of the Rockies.

Yes, the hemp we source is organically grown but is not yet USDA certified Organic. They grow the hemp without any use of herbicides and pesticides. Our suppliers are currently working towards organic certifications due to new Hemp laws allowing hemp to be USDA certified. We also test our finished goods for over 200+ pesticides to ensure only the best product reaches our customers. (Our hemp seed oil is USDA Organic certified – one of the first certifications of its kind!)

Although we strive to use the best organic ingredients we can find, CBD and Hemp are very new to US agriculture and the governing bodies that create USDA Organic standards are still creating processes to certify Hemp and the manufacturing steps to make certificates available. That being said, our farms and labs are working hard to maintain strict organic standards. Once available we will be looking to secure our certifications.   

We make sure every ingredient is all natural, and organic when possible. Our third-party lab tests for synthetic cannabinoids and our products are certified non-synthetic as we understand the complications and health concerns that have recently arisen from synthetic cannabinoids being released into the market.

At Vida, we do not settle for conventional cannabis testing on our products. We have sought out the leaders in chemical testing (Flora Research Laboratories/ Pixis Laboratories) to perform independent state of the art testing as part of a program to ensure very thorough and stringent testing. We are not aware of any other company doing the same high level of independent testing on its CBD products.

The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is a group of receptors found in human bodies, throughout our brains, and central and peripheral  (outside the brain and spinal cord) nervous systems that have been biologically hardwired to react to and interact with cannabinoids. To learn more, visit our “Hemp Ed” page.

cGMP stands for current Good Manufacturing Processes standard. Not only are our products cGMP, they are GMP for Sport, this is the most strict GMP certification guaranteeing a product is free from banned substances. Our products are also manufactured in a NSF (National Science Foundation) certified facility.

While we can’t recommend any of our products for specific medical uses related to health issues you may be facing, we do have a range of different potencies. Our Vida+ CBD tinctures come in a variety of strengths: Regular, Advanced and Ultimate 600mg – 1800mg of CBD per tincture,  and 10mg – 20mg in our Vida+ CBD Capsules. We recommend daily use for preventative care and to contact your healthcare practitioner for recommendations.

Our product is to be treated as most dietary supplements in this sense. We can not make any medical related claims when it comes to CBD.

Since everyone is different, results will vary, however some people have found the products help with their sleep, stress, anxiety and gives them an overall sense of calmness.

Hemp-derived CBD is not subject to the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) and is federally legal – the 2018 Farm Bill recently explicitly removed all hemp and hemp-derived products from the CSA. The 2018 Farm Bill also allows states to adopt their own plans for requirements on hemp growth and the sale of hemp-derived products, including CBD, so you should check on your local state’s rules.

We always recommend that you consult with a physician when taking a health supplement product, especially if you are taking other medications. However, there has been formal review by the WHO (World Health Organization) that indicates that even in high amounts that CBD does not impair motor skills and it has also shown no addictive properties or potential for abuse. In other words, the WHO has deemed CBD as safe (and recognized potential health benefit) but there may be interactions with other medications that could cause unintended effects. We recommend consulting with a physician when taking other medications.

We have a 2 year shelf life on our supplements.

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