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CBD Oil Tincture 1200mg

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VIDA+ ADVANCED 1200mg (40mg per serving) offers a clinical grade, broad spectrum, hemp oil extract – made from 100% organic hemp. All our CBD oil products are tested for quality, purity and potency at a third party accredited laboratory. Our premium quality standards are also applied to our specialty bottles which have been designed to protect botanical oils from harmful UV light for a longer shelf life.

The Vida+ Difference

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Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Broad-Spectrum Hemp Extract.

Contains no THC.

Suggested Serving

Take 1ml / 1 full dropper once daily.

1ml/ 1 full dropper is 40mg of CBD.

Do not exceed 1 ml per day.

Supplement Facts

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5 based on 4 reviews

  1. M


    I have been using this product since November and it has been amazing. My inflammation has gone way down and I feel so much better. Much more mobility in my joints. I am sold and highly recommend this product! I love the oil so easy to take I use it twice a day.

  2. l


    This product is hands down the best!!
    I ordered this bc of I take prescription medicine for my (( migraines)) and a family member told me this works better than the prescription medicine, it does! Huge life changer for me, only wish I had this available to me years thank you Vida+ for this!

  3. t


    I have been using this product since October. I was going to stop using it after the first month as I did not notice much of a difference but my natural path insisted I try it at least 90 days. I use it twice a day.

    After using it for around 3 months I now can not believe the difference. So much of my aches and pains have gone away (I’m 51) my tendinitis has gone away in both my knees. My shoulder injury that has kept me from working out is now almost pain free and I have started working out again and with out any pain. I have also lost 13 pounds without changing anything in my diet. I had no idea this was a benefit of CBD. After doing some research I found out CBD helps with weight loss. I have so many positive side effects and nonnegative ones. I am going to start adding it to my dogs food as I hope he will also have some Of the same benefits. Highly recommend this product. ** I prefer the oil over the pills for me as it’s just easier.

  4. JJ

    Johnny Jackson

    Can’t believe how good this one is! Well worth the price. Great to taste and great to use.

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