VIDA+CBD Skin Cream

5 based on 4 reviews


Vida+ moisturising skin cream is comprised of an advanced concentrated formula of Hemp Seed Oil, Shea Butter, and Aloe Vera that provides a cooling sensation upon application. A custom formulation of Broad Spectrum Hemp extract with naturally occurring CBD and Turmeric Oil rounds out the product profile.

VIDA+ CBD skin cream is paraben-free, contains NO animal-derived materials and it’s not tested on animals.

Vida+ uses SoluXome® technology which encapsulates key ingredients for optimal absorption into the skin and also uses Inflacin® technology that helps return skin to it’s baseline state.

The Vida+ Difference

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5 based on 4 reviews

  1. T


    This is a great product and the first CBD cream that I actually noticed a difference after using (I’ve tried several). Great product and great for pain from inflammation

  2. M


    Love this product. It has a nice texture and I use it a lot on my knees. It works instantly for me. It’s also pretty hydrating. I keep it close by and even travel with it as it really helps with inflammation

  3. TM

    Tami M

    I love this product. It goes on easily and absorbs quickly. I have used it on my knees which get sore and it’s seems to work instantly. I have also used on a shoulder injury and have had great relief as well.

    Highly recommend. Great price as well for this type of product

  4. KH

    Kate H.

    What an amazing product! It helped me with my psoriasis and turned me into a huge fan of this brand. I see that there are not that many reviews but hopefully people will realize how good Vida+ actually is!

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