CBD Trends: What should we expect in 2019

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Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the hottest topics in the health and wellness niche right now, and this fact isn’t likely to change anytime soon. Quite the opposite, really: the CBD mania will keep on growing. So, if CBD is here to stay, what can we expect from the market in 2019?


Trend #1: The CBD market will keep growing (and fast)

With each passing year, the CBD market is expanding at amazing rates. According to New Frontier Data, an analytics company that focuses on cannabis-related statistics, the cannabidiol market was at $390 million in 2018. By 2022, different experts suggest it will reach $1.3 to $22 billion. No matter how you look at it, 2019 will be marked by an increasing popularity of everything related to CBD. New products, new customers, new scientific studies, new thrilling discoveries! The most important development here is that new countries will consider the possibility of legalizing at least CBD, if not cannabis as a whole. In turn, this would allow the market to expand even further—reaching a whole new pool of potential customers.


Trend #2: CBD products will become much better

Some time ago, the internet was over-saturated with websites trying to sell CBD products of sub-optimal quality. Everyone wanted to hop on the CBD bandwagon at all costs (often unethical), and this resulted in a huge amount of fake or poor quality items. But it’s impossible to sell bad products for years and expect people to keep buying them nevertheless. Eventually, a great deal of the uncertified or homemade CBD products abandoned the market, giving place for the serious manufacturers. As a result, the average quality of the available CBD products around the world is improving drastically, and this is expected to continue all the way in 2019! While you can still find lots of poor-quality products out there, the market should become much safer in 2019. We would still advise to always make sure to check where a product comes from before buying it.


Trend #3: More celebrities and public figures will be using CBD

With the increasing popularity of cannabidiol among the general public, it’s just natural that many celebrities are trying out the miraculous phytochemical everyone is talking about. Moreover, some celebrities are even starting their own brands of CBD products—just like actress Whoopi Goldberg founded Whoopi & Maya together with her business partner Maya Elisabeth. Professional athletes using CBD in sports are discussing CBD on TV, writing about it on social media, giving interviews and sharing stories of their personal experience with the substance—and this movement is just gaining momentum!


Trend #4: More laboratory and clinical trials will be carried out

Even though CBD is wildly popular all around the world at the moment, there’s a whole lot of things we don’t fully understand about this compound. For instance, here are some details that are being researched:

– The exact mechanism of action go CBD
– The interaction of CBD with other cannabinoids
– How CBD affects the enzymes of the human body, as well as their ability to process other medications
– Potential applications of CBD in medicine

With each passing year, the number of trials being carried out on the matter of CBD and other cannabinoids grows worldwide—which is a fabulous thing. This could take a few years to yield solid results, but the direction is obvious and inspiring.


Trend #5: Tinctures and capsules will remain be the most popular CBD products in 2019

You can enjoy CBD in many different products ranging from the usual oils and capsules to somewhat exotic options like CBD beverages and CBD-infused jelly candies. However, it seems that CBD capsules and tinctures will remain the most reliable and convenient option in 2019. Here are some of the main reasons for that:

– They’re easy to use for delicate dosing by calculating the exact amount of CBD in a single drop or capsule
– The manufacturing process of tinctures and caps allows ensuring outstanding purity and quality of the final product
– They don’t require any additional devices (unlike CBD vaping cartridges)
– Convenient to store and carry around with you

As they say, simple is better—and CBD capsules and tinctures are as simple as it gets in the context of CBD. Good to know they’ll be the primary option in 2019!



Well, here’s our take on the 5 biggest CBD trends in 2019. Of course, time will tell if we got them right, but in any case—it’s fabulous to see the market growing so fast.