How Often Can You Take CBD Oil

A desire to perfect your CBD oil regimen is a completely understandable goal, and in this article we’re going to help you to maximally utilize the beneficiality of this cannabinoid. 

The first thing that needs to be pointed out is that people react quite differently to CBD oil. Determining how it affects you personally is essential, because there is no ideal regimen that works wonders for everybody. 

For instance, some people feel energized after a dose of CBD oil, and such individuals usually prefer to begin their day with a morning dose. 

Other users tend to feel relaxed when they consume CBD oil, and an evening dose is far better suited for them. 

Another important factor is that different doses of CBD oil generally produce differing effects. 

Smaller doses (in the range of 10 mg ~ 20 mg) usually result in wakefulness, while larger ones (between 40 mg ~ 60 mg) tend to produce mild sedation in most users. 

Large doses of CBD oil are also associated with certain side effects in some users, like for instance nausea and tiredness.

In order to avoid any side effects it’s advised to consume smaller doses of CBD oil on several occasions throughout the day. It’s also hypothesized that frequent and regular exposure to CBD increases the beneficial effects produced by this cannabinoid. 

Since most types of CBD oil (broad-spectrum and oil with isolated CBD) don’t produce any psychoactive effect, they are well suited for use at various times of the day. 

Finding an adequate daily amount of CBD oil that suits your personal needs should be an ongoing process. 

Some human studies have been performed with large doses of CBD (around 1500 mg), and these studies showed that CBD is well tolerated in very substantial amounts for most users. 

To conclude, finding what works for you is very much a personal journey, but several smaller doses of CBD oil (three times a day or more) consumed every couple of hours are generally a better solution than a single large dose. 

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