Can CBD Oil Make You Nauseous?


Even though the vast majority of users never experience nausea from CBD oil, a small percentage of consumers has to deal with this unpleasant side effect.

There are only a couple of potential reasons behind this occurrence, and in this article we will help you to pinpoint and resolve this tedious issue. 


The first potential culprit is the carrier oil

CBD oils are extracted from hemp, but CBD oil producers also add a carrier oil in the manufacturing process, which is an essential ingredient in every CBD oil formulation. 

For instance, we use organically-grown hemp seed oil for the carrier oil, but other producers use a wide variety of oils for the “carrier”, including coconut oil, olive oil, MCT oil, emu oil and grapeseed oil.

Of all these carrier oils, people generally experience nausea from coconut oil and MCT oil, but it’s possible that you’re sensitive to any of these types of oil.


The second reason is the dosage.

CBD has a biphasic effect, which essentially means that different doses are able to produce different effects.

For instance, low doses of CBD oil generally produce wakefulness, while large doses tend to induce lethargy and tiredness in some consumers. 

Nausea is generally associated with large doses of CBD oil, so for example if you’re using a dose of 40mg of CBD, you might want to try 20mg of CBD and observe the effects that this lower dosage produces.


The third potential reason behind CBD oil-induced nausea is the overall quality of the oil

Producing high-quality CBD oil is an expensive process, which is reflected in the price of the final product. This can easily be checked by comparing the prices of various reputable producers of CBD oil. 

One of the most important aspects of any top-notch CBD product is the process for extracting CBD oil from the hemp plants. 

For instance, our company uses a CO2 extraction method, which is the purest extraction process available for CBD oil.

Other less-costly extraction methods involve the use of chemicals, which often remain (in trace amounts) in the final product.

Needless to say, harsh chemicals in the body are more than capable of producing nausea, and various other types of discomfort. 

Finally, the quality of hemp used in the production and the purity of the soil are also crucial factors. We use organically grown hemp for our CBD oil, which isn’t always the case with other less-reputable producers.