Different Ways to Take CBD Oil

In this article we’ll be focusing on a wide variety of ways in which you can use your bottle of CBD oil.

We will of course cover all of the advantages and pitfalls for each of these consumption methods. 

The first method that we’ll be touching upon is the well-known sublingual method of administration.

The Sublingual Method

The sublingual consumption method is currently viewed as the most effective way of using CBD oil, and it’s generally suggested that all new CBD oil users should start off with this type of administration.

What makes the sublingual method superior compared to other forms of consumption is that CBD from the oil enters the bloodstream through the capillaries of the mucous membrane in the mouth.

By doing so, the CBD bypasses both the digestive system and liver metabolization, where a substantial amount of this cannabinoid gets lost in the process. 

Besides having a more effective bioavailability compared to the oral method of administration (edibles and beverages), the effects of the sublingual method are also much more rapid

To take full advantage of the sublingual method you need to hold the CBD oil oil under your tongue for about 90 seconds, after which you swallow the remainder of the oil. 

If for some reason you find the sublingual method inconvenient, or you simply don’t enjoy the taste of CBD oil, there are several other methods of getting CBD in your system. 

The Ingestion Method

One of the best ways to circumvent the taste of CBD oil is by infusing it with various foods and drinks. 

It’s important to point out that since CBD in edibles and beverages has to pass through the digestive tract, the first noticeable effects occur after a prolonged period of time (usually between 90 to 120 minutes). 

The potency of effects is also slightly diminished when compared to the sublingual method. 

Finally, since CBD molecules are easily damaged by excess heat, make sure you check out our recipes before attempting to bake with CBD oil, or adding it to hot beverages. 

Here are some of our most popular recipes:

The Topical Method

Another way of using CBD oil is by making your own CBD topicals, such as massage oils, bath bombs, as well as CBD-infused creams and salves. 

What’s crucial to know about CBD topicals is that they are not capable of reaching the bloodstream, and can only affect our system in a localized area where they’re applied. 

Also, you need to avoid using CBD topicals on irritated or damaged skin. 

The Vaporization Method

If you purchased a bottle of “regular” CBD oil that is intended for sublingual/oral use, you should be aware that these types of oil aren’t made to be used with vaporizers and other similar devices.

The main difference between “regular” sublingual/oral CBD oils and CBD oils designed for vaporization (commonly referred to as CBD “e-juices” or “e-liquids”) is that the latter contain thinning agents like vegetable glycerin (VG). 

Thinning agents make these CBD mixtures less viscous, and therefore suitable for vaping. 

If you’d like to know more about the numerous differences between CBD oils and CBD e-juices, check out this article of ours.