How to Make CBD Tea (With CBD Oil)


As the world’s oldest beverage, tea can be found on kitchen shelves in almost every home. 

With a history spanning longer than 4500 years, this ancient drink became an intrinsic part of daily rituals for millions of people. 

Some tea lovers like to kick off their day with a cup of warm tea, while others prefer to enjoy it in the evening, as it helps them to prepare for bed.  

Because of tea’s long tradition and the colossal number of people who consume it, many novel flavors and varieties originated on the market over the years. 

Nowadays not only can you buy traditional teas such as green, white, and black tea, but you can also find an infinite array of interesting mixtures.

The blooming CBD market also had its impact on the production of tea, and now you can find a new kind of tea, which is CBD tea of course. 

CBD tea is similar to other types of tea, and the main difference is that it’s infused with a specific amount of cannabidiol. 

You can either purchase tea bags which are already infused with CBD, or you can make your own, using the cannabidiol that you have at home. 

Today, we will demonstrate how you can make a CBD tea at home by adding CBD oil

Many consumers prefer to take their CBD dose this way, as it allows them to play with different flavors. The flavor of the tea will dominate over the flavor of CBD oil, and with every cup you can enjoy a new colorful aroma. 


Making CBD Tea at Home


As we mentioned, for this recipe we will be using CBD oil. Because CBD oil is hydrophobic this means it cannot be dissolved in water, so we’ll need to use a fatty ingredient (milk, cream or butter), which allows the oil to mix well with the tea.

How much CBD oil you’ll infuse with the tea depends on your prescribed daily dosage

For this recipe, we’ll be making a tea with 10mg of CBD per serving (a mug), but you can freely moderate the amount in accordance with the dose that you’re accustomed to.


Recipe Essentials:

  • 1 cup of boiled water 
  • Tea of your choice (black, white, green, fruit or herbal tea; tea leaves or flowers, depending on the type you prefer). The amount of tea enough for a single cup should be stated on the package.
  • 10mg CBD oil (½ a dropper of our regular CBD oil)
  • A dash of milk (dairy milk or full-fat coconut milk)
  • A teaspoon of honey or sugar
  • A teapot, teaspoon and/or tea infuser (if you plan to use tea bags, you won’t be needing a tea infuser)
  • Your favorite mug



  • Heat water in a teapot. After it boils, place the tea into the pot
  • Brew the tea
  • Pour the tea in the mug, add milk, CBD oil, and honey. Stir well.
  • Enjoy your homemade CBD tea!