CBD Oil and Alcohol: Is It Alright to Mix Them?


Most of us have a drink here and there, so it’s perfectly reasonable to wonder if it’s safe to use CBD oil with your favorite nightcap. 

Some companies began producing their own CBD-infused alcoholic beverages, which can add to the overall confusion regarding safety. 

Alcohol is known for its relaxing and sedative effects, and larger doses of CBD oil can also produce the same effect

This can lead to excess sedation, which can be dangerous if you’re in a situation which requires a lot of attention from your part. But in all fairness the same thing also applies for large quantities of alcohol used alone.

The long-term health effect of combining these substances unfortunately isn’t sufficiently studied, but according to the available research, it seems that the combination doesn’t produce any immediate negative effects.

There are also some indications that CBD can diminish certain negative effects of alcohol.

One way that CBD can potentially be beneficial is by reducing blood alcohol levels, which indicates the exact amount of alcohol in the blood. 

One fairly-outdated human study found that the presence of CBD significantly lowered the amount of alcohol in the participants blood. It’s important to note that the dose used in this study was pretty high (200mg), which is a lot more than what people usually consume. 

Another way CBD can be possibly useful is as a tool for alcoholism prevention. This anti-addiction/anti-withdrawal effect was noticed in both animal and human studies. The human research wasn’t focusing on alcohol, but rather on nicotine addiction. The study in question found that the use of CBD diminished cigarette consumption by 40%.

Finally, CBD may protect the body against cell damage (oxidative stress) caused by alcohol consumption. This conclusion is based on experimental animal studies, so it’s still unclear whether CBD produces the same effect in humans. 


Even though there are some indications that CBD is beneficial when combined with alcohol, the research into the precise consequences of long-term consumption of CBD oil and alcohol used in unison is still very limited. 

Therefore it’s not advised to consume them together, especially frequently and in large amounts.