Why Is CBD Oil so Expensive


When you’re browsing for CBD oil, some products may seem a bit pricey. Since CBD oils usually come in small bottles, the high price might seem unreasonable.

This especially applies if you’re new to the world of CBD, as you may get confused when you see that one type of oil is sold for one price, while another product which is approximately the same size is sold for twice the money. 

To figure out why this is so and why some CBD oils appear to be expensive, let’s take a look at the factors that affect the price of CBD oil.


What Affects the Price of CBD


The price of CBD oil is determined by a variety of factors. These factors are connected to the costs of the manufacturing process, which includes everything from growing the hemp plants to placing the final product on the shelves. 


Costs of Growing Hemp and Extracting CBD

One of the most decisive factors is the cost of breeding the hemp and the cost of CBD processing

This means if a producer wants to make high-quality oil, both the growing conditions of the hemp and the processing of CBD have to be at an enviable level.

Different strains of hemp give different amounts of CBD. Seeds of hemp strains that are able to produce more CBD are more expensive than the seeds of the other hemp strains. If a producer wants to breed the type of hemp that will ultimately give more CBD, they need to pay more for the seeds.

For making high-quality oil it’s also very important how and where hemp is grown. The land needs to be suitable for hemp cultivation, such as adequate moisture, soil structure and so forth. 

Hemp yields also shouldn’t be treated with pesticides or any other harsh chemicals that can harm the final product.

To get the oil, cannabidiol needs to be extracted from hemp. There are several different extraction methods, and some are better than others. 

CO2 extraction is considered as the safest and purest method for acquiring high-quality CBD.

But, setting up a CO2 extraction facility is very expensive. Also, some producers wish to derive terpenes and other compounds from the CBD extract, and for this they need to use additional filtration methods after the CO2 extraction.

These additional steps in CBD processing require additional labor and time, which increases the final cost and subsequently the price of CBD oil.

It’s important to mention that some producers don’t have their own hemp yields, and because of that they’re buying hemp from hemp breeders, who are sometimes located in a different state. 

In these cases the costs of buying and transporting the hemp also influence the price of CBD oil. 


Packaging and Laboratory Testing Costs

Adequate packaging is very important for CBD oil, as it plays a crucial role in saving the freshness of the product. It needs to be made from quality materials to protect the content of the bottle. 

Also, it needs to be designed in a way which helps the producer to present their product in the best possible way, distinguishing it from the competitors.

That’s why many producers spend a lot of money on a superior design, and of course, all those packaging costs increase the price of the final product. 

Another important variable are laboratory testing costs. Before placing the oil on the market, CBD oil needs to be tested for purity and potency by an independent third-party laboratory. 

After the laboratory conducts CBD testing, the product gets a certificate which verifies that the amount of CBD stated on the packaging is correct and that the oil doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals, making it safe for use. 


Strength of the CBD Oil

The amount of CBD per serving and the amount of CBD in the whole bottle both determine the price of the oil. More potent CBD oils are generally pricier compared to the ones with lower strengths. 

Having all this in mind, the price can say a lot about the quality of CBD oil

That’s why many consumers are willing to spend more money when they’re buying CBD oil.

In the end, it’s important to mention that the high price doesn’t always reflect the quality of the oil. The market is flooded with pricy oils that are nothing more than snake oil. So before deciding on a particular product, be sure to inform yourself and know what to look for when you’re buying CBD oil.