How Long Does It Take for CBD Oil to Work


When you’re using any type of medication, whether it’s a pharmaceutical or a natural alternative, it’s always good to know how long it takes for the substance to start working. 

The window between taking the medication and feeling its effects is often a decisive factor for a person to choose one medication over another. 

For instance, if you’re experiencing pain, you want to take something that will ease the pain in the shortest time possible. 

For the majority of medications and supplements, the estimated time frame is stated on the product packaging. 

However, things are different with cannabidiol (CBD) products, especially for CBD oil. The information on how long it takes to feel the effects of CBD oil usually can’t be found on the label. 

The reason for this is that the onset of CBD oil depends on multiple factors, and there’s no unique “time” that is applicable to all potential users. 

Nowadays people use CBD oil and other cannabidiol-infused products for a wide variety of reasons. This wasn’t always the case. 

Both hemp and cannabis (that are used for CBD extraction) have been illegal for many years. 

This greatly crippled the research on how these plants affect human health. But over an extended period of time, cannabis and hemp have been gradually regaining their legal status.

Another important aspect is that CBD oil affects people somewhat differently. 

When new users want to try CBD oils for the first time, they often wonder how long it takes for these products to work. 

In order to give you an answer to this burning question, let’s take a look at several crucial factors:

  • Method of consumption of CBD oil 
  • The concentration of CBD in the oil 
  • Metabolism and other bodily characteristics
  • CBD dosing

The method of consumption of CBD oil 


The way you administer CBD oil affects the onset of effects. 

CBD oil can be consumed in many different ways: sublingually, orally, or via vaping.

When cannabidiol enters the bloodstream, that’s when a user starts feeling the effects. 

Here is a quick overview of different consumption methods, and an approximate timetable of expected effects:

If you ingest CBD oil via edibles, gummies, drinks or capsules, you’ll wait for 30 minutes to 90 minutes to feel the first effects of these products. 

When taken orally, cannabidiol-infused oil goes to the stomach where it’s digested, after which it gets into the bloodstream and affects your body.  

This period can be longer if you take CBD oil in an edible with more ingredients that are not easily digestible. This happens because they require more time to be broken down and absorbed by the tissues in the digestive tract. 

Also, if you take CBD oil on a full stomach, the CBD will need a couple of hours to reach the bloodstream, since it’s not the only substance that is processed by the stomach. 

That’s why it’s advisable to take CBD oil before a meal, on an empty stomach.

Even though the onset of effects takes longer when the oil is consumed in this fashion, the effects also last significantly longer when compared to other methods of CBD consumption. 

CBD oil can also be taken sublingually, by dripping the desired amount of drops under the tongue. 

Cannabidiol from the oil quickly enters the blood through a multitude of capillaries in the mouth. This type of administration allows users to feel the effects in about 10 to 20 minutes, and the effects generally last for several hours.

Another popular way of using CBD is through topicals. Cannabidiol topicals are lotions, salves, and creams with different amounts of CBD oil. They are mostly used for treating localized pain. Once topicals are applied, relief arrives within 60 minutes, and the effects last for a couple of hours. 

Vaping is the fastest way to feel the effects of cannabidiol. The rapid onset-time that this consumption method provides can be explained by the fact that it involves inhalation. 

When a user inhales CBD vapor, CBD reaches the capillaries in the lungs in a very short time, and effects can be felt almost instantly (two to five minutes after inhalation).   


Unique Characteristics of the User’s Body


There are situations when a user doesn’t feel any noticeable effects, even after waiting for a long period of time. This brings us to the next important factor that can influence the onset of effects: characteristics of the user’s body.

Health of the metabolism and the gut, weight, the body’s ability to absorb different substances are only a couple of characteristics that affect the effects of CBD oil. 

For instance, if you have a functional metabolism and a healthy gut, and if you eat a CBD edible, it won’t take long for the CBD to enter your blood, since the digestion is running smoothly. 

But, if your gut isn’t working properly, this means that your body cannot adequately absorb the CBD. If this is the case there’s a great chance that you won’t feel the full force of effects. 

Furthermore, the body’s ability to absorb substances varies from person to person. 

This means that the period of time needed to absorb cannabidiol is an individual thing, and can’t be completely predicted. Some users quickly absorb CBD, while others require more time.


How Much CBD Should I Take? (Finding the Adequate Dose)


Moderating your dose and gradually increasing the amount of CBD oil are common steps in consuming this product. 

The recommended dose of CBD oil is usually prescribed by your doctor, or it’s stated on the package of the product. 

You can start with the recommended dose and slowly increase it over time, closely observing how it affects you. You should also experiment with minor dosage modifications until you find the optimal dose that suits your needs best.

When searching for the perfect dose, it’s useful to know what type of CBD oil you are using. If you have a full-spectrum CBD oil, you can freely increase the dose, and as you do, you will feel more powerful effects.

On the other hand, if you’re using isolated CBD, you can increase the amount up to a certain point, after which CBD isolates won’t produce more potent effects. 

This is why trying different dosages and observing how they affect you is key to finding an adequate amount of CBD oil that will work for your body in the best possible way.