CBD Oil Massage: How to Upgrade Your Massage Routine With CBD


In today’s world where we’re constantly exposed to large amounts of various information from the moment we wake up, it’s rather difficult to remain zen after a long day.

In order to unwind people are trying different things to calm their minds and relax their bodies. Walks in nature, listening to calming music and ASMR, meditating, working out and practicing various hobbies are all great ways of reaching calmness. 

While some people like to try and mix different relaxing activities, there are people who like to stick to one stress-relieving routine, for example, a massage.

For many people, a massage is the go-to method of relieving stress and recharging energy after a long tedious day.

This doesn’t come as a surprise since stress directly causes tension in muscles, which in favor become stiff and sore. When done properly, a massage can help with relieving tension in the body, and when the body is relaxed it becomes much easier to tranquil the mind. 

Wellness centers are paying special attention to create a peaceful atmosphere that helps people calm down from the moment they enter the room. That’s why scented candles, various types of soothing lighting and plant-based massage oils are an integral part of any spa environment. 

If you’re already a massage fan or you’re thinking of trying it for the first time, you’ve probably seen that many centers are offering CBD oil massage as well as many other CBD-based treatments such as baths and facials. 

CBD is a buzzword in today’s market of wellness and beauty, but many people are not sure what CBD oil massage really is, and can it make them feel intoxicated.

To help you decide whether CBD oil massage is right for you or not, today we will debunk the myth surrounding it. 


What is a CBD Oil Massage


CBD oil massage is simply a massage using cannabidiol-based oil. Movements of a CBD oil massage are no different than with any other type of massage.

While some massage practitioners are using CBD oil combined with carrier oils as massage oils, others are using CBD lotions instead. 

Both CBD massage oils and CBD lotions can be combined with other ingredients like various essential oils with interesting scents that help make people feel more relaxed. 


Can CBD Oil Massage Get Me High?


As part of any CBD topical or massage oil, CBD penetrates through the skin and affects the cells of our body’s endocannabinoid system. 

But unlike other consumption methods like sublingual CBD oil and CBD edibles, CBD topicals cannot pass through the blood-brain barrier, which means that they don’t enter the brain and only act locally, on the parts of the body where CBD oil was applied. 

It’s also important to mention that CBD is not psychoactive, like other cannabinoids from the hemp plant (e.g.THC), which means that CBD oil massages cannot make you feel high. 

CBD massage oils are usually made from broad-spectrum CBD extract or CBD isolate (which doesn’t contain the psychoactive THC compound), meaning that massage based on CBD oil cannot induce any psychoactive effects on the consumer.