Can CBD Oil Make You Feel High


The cerebral and physiological sensation commonly referred to as the “high” results from the effects that THC has on our brain. 

Mental sensations brought upon by CBD are generally considered as non-psychoactive, although they do change the way we feel. 

So before we get into everything, we first need to define the differences between the mental effects of THC and CBD.

THC is the main psychoactive cannabinoid found in both cannabis and hemp plants, and the sensations that it produces are very intense and euphoric.

CBD is the second most prominent cannabinoid, and it produces a calming, relaxing, overtly anti-anxiety effect. 

THC is also capable of inducing a calmative effect, but in novice users (or if it’s taken in exceeding quantities) it creates a completely different reaction, causing severe anxiety and sometimes even full-on paranoia. 

This over-the-top effect cannot happen with CBD. 

With all this in mind, it’s important to understand that all types of CBD oil have a certain amount of THC in them

CBD oils come in two distinct varieties: full-spectrum and broad-spectrum.

Full-spectrum CBD oils are produced from cannabis plants, and because of that they contain much more THC than broad-spectrum oils.

Their high-THC content also makes them illegal for recreational use in states that don’t have a recreational cannabis program. Such oils are more than capable of producing a “high”, especially if they’re consumed in large amounts.

Broad-spectrum CBD oils are made from hemp, and the amount of THC that they contain (0.3% THC) is very low, when compared to full-spectrum oils.

This low-THC content also makes these oils legal and available for purchase across the US. 

Broad-spectrum oils are far less likely to produce a THC high, which brings us to the next important aspect: personal sensitivity to THC.

Some people require very miniscule amounts of THC to feel its effects, but this exceptional sensitivity is considered very rare. This increased sensitivity is potentially burdensome for users with no experience, as the sensations brought upon by THC can be both overwhelming and frightening.

Needless to say, such an effect is far more likely to happen while using full-spectrum CBD oils, as their THC level is much higher.

The final aspect is the dose.

If you’re looking to avoid any surprises, the safest thing to do is to follow the dosing guidelines.

With broad-spectrum CBD oil, a dose of 20mg of CBD is considered small, 40mg is average, while 60mg and more are considered as large doses. Even though THC levels in broad-spectrum CBD oils are negligible, it’s best to start low and observe the effects that the dose produces.