CBD and Meditation: Is Cannabidiol Helpful?


A state of mindfulness that is at the core of every successful meditation is oftentimes very difficult to achieve. 

Practitioners of yoga and meditation are now finding that cannabidiol offers several benefits which allow an easier transition from a wakeful to a mindful state.

When we’re trying to meditate, there are two main impediments which hinder and obstruct our practice.

The primary obstacle are our thoughts. It’s ironic how all of our worries come pouring out when we’re adamant on emptying our mind. 

A similar thing happens to a lot of people when they’re trying to fall asleep, and these doubtful and ruminating thoughts come as a great interference for meditation. 

Users of CBD oil generally find that cannabidiol has a calming effect on the mind, which can be of great assistance for individuals who require help with their practice. 

This tranquil effect isn’t just useful for doubts and worries, as it can also offer aid for lingering random thoughts that are stuck in your mind, like a catchy repetitive song that you heard on the radio. 

The second biggest obstacle to meditation is a lack of energy. 

Fatigue is directly connected with ruminating thoughts, since it’s much more difficult to focus and clear our mind when we’re exhausted. 

Cannabidiol is known to induce an invigorating effect, but much more subtly (and to a lesser extent) when compared to caffeine

It’s also important to mention that different doses of CBD generally produce contrasting effects, where smaller doses (around 20mg) promote alertness, while larger doses (ranging from 40mg to 60mg) tend to produce a sedative effect

CBD isn’t a psychoactive compound and it doesn’t alter our consciousness, which in combination with the rest of its aforementioned attributes makes it an ideal companion for meditation.

In order to successfully incorporate CBD to your meditation practice, it’s also crucial to understand how much time different CBD oil products require to take effect, so you can precisely fit the onset with the beginning of your practice. Finally, if you decide to give CBD a shot, it’s pivotal to opt out for organically-grown hemp products, and if you’re using any medication make sure to consult with your physician before implementing CBD to your regimen.