CBD Yoga: Can Cannabidiol Help Your Practice?


Once we pass a certain point, life becomes quite a challenge for most of us. As our constructs continue to gain in complexity, there are more and more things that require constant attention, from careers, finances, relationships, offspring… The list goes on and on. 

A lot of people are finding that one of the best ways to tackle these ever-pressing issues is by going inward and harnessing the power of ancient practices such as yoga and meditation. 

Benefits of yoga are numerous and extremely diverse: increased flexibility and muscle strength, balanced metabolism, cardiovascular health, peace of mind and so forth. 

While yogic exercises are undoubtedly beneficial for a wide variety of reasons, attaining that special mental focus which brings the practice to a whole new level is oftentimes very difficult to achieve. 

In fact, the 21st century is a truly taxing time for mindfulness. From global epidemics, gripping social media and everything in between, clearing your mind has become an insanely difficult task. 

Anxiousness is rearing its ugly head behind every corner, but more and more people are finding that cannabidiol (CBD) produces a calming anti-anxiety effect, which is perfect for both asana-based exercises as well as meditation


CBD Yoga Timing


In order to adequately implement CBD to your yoga ritual, it’s important to understand that different consumption methods require different amounts of time to start working. 

Using CBD in the form of oil is probably the best option for yoga, because the sublingual method of administration requires the least amount of time (10~20 minutes), making CBD oil very easy to incorporate into your practice. 

CBD oil also has a superior bioavailability compared to other consumption methods like capsules and other CBD edibles

It’s also very important to mention that CBD topicals are not capable of influencing your state of mind, primarily because topically-applied CBD only acts locally, and isn’t capable of passing through the blood-brain barrier. 


CBD Yoga Dosing


If you haven’t tried CBD oil before, it’s always advisable to start with lower doses, somewhere in the 10~20 mg range, and observe how these low doses affect you. 

Larger doses of CBD oil (in the 40 to 60 mg range) have been known to produce a sedative effect in some users, which could be counterproductive for yoga. 

Using broad-spectrum CBD oils is a far better option for yogic exercises (compared to full-spectrum CBD oil), because the psychoactivity caused by THC could be a real hindrance when it comes to yoga, since a lot of focus and clarity is required.

Broad-spectrum CBD oils contain THC in extremely miniscule amounts, which means that they cannot alter your mental state in the same fashion as full-spectrum oils. 

Finally, yoga can be considered as physically demanding, and some people find it very challenging due to muscle soreness and excess inflammation. If these issues are causing your practice to suffer, you’ll be happy to know that a lot of people find that CBD offers benefits for recovery.