CBD Lollipops 101: What Should You Know


In a galaxy of countless CBD edibles, CBD lollipops always had a special place. These colorful CBD-infused treats quickly became popular because of their numerous advantages.

Find out why they’re so widely consumed, and what makes these CBD edibles better than many other cannabidiol-infused sweets.


What are CBD Lollipops and How Do They Work?


CBD Lollipops are cannabidiol-infused hard candies on a stick. They come in various flavors, colors and doses of cannabidiol. CBD lollipops usually contain between 10mg and 50mg of cannabidiol per lollipop. 

If you are making them at home, you’re of course free to choose a CBD dosage that suits your personal requirements. 

Since they’re consumed in the same fashion as any regular lollipops, CBD from the lollipop is released in the mouth, from where it enters the bloodstream through numerous capillaries under the tongue. 

Once CBD gets in the blood, our bodies quickly feel the effects of cannabidiol.


Are CBD Lollipops Better Than Other CBD Edibles?


CBD lollipops have a higher bioavailability (when compared to other edibles), and that’s why a lot of people prefer them over other methods of CBD consumption.

Bioavailability of CBD refers to the total amount of the cannabidiol that is absorbed by the body. 

When CBD is consumed sublingually (through the capillaries in mouth), it is absorbed at a much higher rate than when it’s consumed orally (like for instance with CBD gummies, CBD cookies, CBD chocolate or CBD beverages).

In other words, CBD from lollipops doesn’t have to pass through the digestive tract to get absorbed by our bodies. 


Advantages of Using CBD Lollipops


Besides a higher bioavailability, CBD lollipops also have additional benefits which set them apart from other methods of cannabidiol consumption.

Various Flavors

Many consumers don’t enjoy the taste of CBD oil. Some people find the taste very earthy, which makes it difficult for them to frequently consume the oil. 

Using CBD lollipops solves this problem. They’re made with various interesting flavors which mask the natural taste of CBD oil.  

CBD lollipops allow people to satisfy their sweet tooth, enjoy fruity flavors and easily take a dose of cannabidiol all at the same time.

Easy and Discrete to Use

Since CBD lollipops look just like any regular lollipops, they can be consumed anywhere and anytime. This is especially important for consumers who don’t feel comfortable taking CBD in public. 

CBD lollipops don’t require any additional preparation, so when it’s time for a daily dose, the consumer can simply unwrap the lollipop and it’s ready for use. 

Predetermined CBD Dose

Each CBD lollipop contains a pre-measured amount of cannabidiol, and that amount should always be stated on the packaging of the lollipop. So whenever you consume a CBD lollipop, you’ll have no doubts about the quantity of CBD you’ve taken. 

Products that have a pre-measured amount of CBD are ideal for people who want to avoid measuring every dose. 


Do CBD Lollipops Get You High?      


Like with any other CBD product, the question of psychoactivity is of great interest to many consumers.

The answer lies in the type of CBD extract that was used for making the lollipops. If the lollipops were made from broad spectrum CBD extract or CBD isolate (that don’t contain any THC), they shouldn’t be able to produce any psychoactive effects.