Broad Spectrum vs Full Spectrum by Sunil Pai, MD.

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CBD does not need THC to work. 

It does not “activate” CBD but THC is a constituent of part of all the cannabidiol compounds that makes up hemp oil.  With that being understood, the TRACE amount of less than 0.3% is not clinically significant as its a trace amount.  For those people who need THC for their health conditions (useful for cachexia (weight loss and lack of appetite in cancer patients), nausea and vomiting from chemotherapy, pain control (from the analgesic aspects of THC but not necessarily anti-inflammatory) and insomnia (which trace amount doesn’t give much of a true benefit); they would need to use cannabis from a medical or recreational dispensary to get those THC benefits. However, the THC that is less than 0.3% is not a game changer in terms of efficacy.  True Full Spectrum would be taking cannabis from marijuana itself.   For those who think you need Full Spectrum CBD to work, is mis-informed.  The FDA has approved a CBD isolate (Epidolex) for use for severe seizure syndromes (Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS) or Dravet syndrome (DS)) which has ZERO THC in it and yet it works and is approved. This shows that CBD works without the need for THC. It also shows that even an isolate can have benefits, but Broad Spectrum would provide more beneficial and supportive CBD compounds and terpenes than a single isolate.  They might ask why not use an isolate of CBD only.  We can’t as that would be infringement as using it like a drug which CBD isolate can be argued and classified. As coming from hemp oil naturally and not isolated, its ok.


Full Spectrum CBD companies can’t guarantee that a person would not fail a drug test. 

That 0.3% is by weight so the more CBD in milligrams they take, the more THC is ingested.  THC is lipophilic and stores in fatty tissue. Thus people who are overweight and obese (now 70% of the population), could take Full Spectrum CBD hemp oil which would store the THC in their fat tissues and if they tried to lose weight (average person tries to diet and lose weight several times per year by following low carb ketogenic diets or calorie restriction or weight loss supplements or health shakes – they can then dump the THC into the blood stream from loss of fat tissue and then cause of drug test to turn positive and fail the drug screening. Thus they are at risk of losing their job. Therefore, people who should not take Full Spectrum CBD Hemp oil are all Federal Employees, employees that are frequently tested like those at Big Box Stores, Truck Drivers and those who operate machinery, athletes and those in sports industry.  The World AntiDoping Agency WADA would not allow it as it will test positive but Broad Spectrum is ok since they have no THC to show up on the test.  Therefore if someone loses their job by failing a drug test taking Full Spectrum CBD hemp oil, there could be liability to the seller.


Full Spectrum CBD may also be disliked by those who have metabolic issues such as the MTHFR gene expression of metabolism and detoxification.

1/3 population has the genes and 1/3 has a partial expression. This makes their body produce less glutathione and alpha lipoic acid in their liver and have trouble with metabolizing substances such as THC, which tends to take longer to excrete. Thus these are the people who are “sensitive” to taking Full Spectrum CBD hemp oil, even when its THC is 0.3% or less.  Also patients taking other psychoactive medications could be effected by the trace THC.


Phivida provides trust of purity and potency through COA third party testing

Phivida tests for 300+ synthetics, 200+ herbicides/pesticides, and maintains consistent source to ensure that the CBD compounds and terpenes are stable unlike other companies which purchases off of world market which then those other CBD compounds and terpenes can vary batch to batch.


Writer: Dr. Sunil Pai, MD.  Sunil Pai  is a Clinical Advisor for Vida+. He is internationally recognized as an expert in Integrative Medicine and health activist in the wellness industry.