How Long Does a Bottle of CBD Oil Last


When buying a CBD oil for the first time three important questions always come to mind: How to choose a CBD oil? Does it need to be expensive? 

And, once you buy it, how long does a bottle of CBD oil last? Should you buy one, two or three bottles at a time?

Since we already provided answers on the first two questions (what to look for in CBD oil and why is CBD oil so expensive), it’s time to give you an insight into what determines how quickly you will spend your CBD oil bottle. 

How fast you’ll deplete your CBD oil depends on several factors, and truth be told, the amount of time isn’t the same for every consumer. So, let’s first take a look at these factors and how you can easily calculate the time it takes to finish a CBD oil bottle. 

How long a bottle of CBD oil will last depends on four crucial factors:

  • What is your dose of CBD 
  • How often do you take it
  • Strength of the oil that you’re consuming (the amount of cannabidiol in the bottle)
  • Type and size of the CBD product that you’re using (how big is the bottle)

To get a clearer picture of how long a bottle of CBD oil lasts, we will demonstrate how long different VIDA+ CBD oil products last.

Let’s say that your daily dose of CBD is 10mg, and that you plan to use one dose each day.

For instance, if you’re using our Regular CBD oil tincture (which has 600mg of cannabidiol per bottle), that bottle will last for 60 days. This oil has 20mg of CBD per serving (in a full dropper), so if you take 10mg of CBD on a daily basis, you’ll be consuming half a dropper every day.

On the other hand, if you’re using an oil with greater potency (e.g. our Advanced CBD oil, which has 1200mg of CBD in the whole bottle, 40mg of CBD per serving), it will take you 4 months to get to the bottom of this bottle. 

In the end, if you know how much CBD the whole bottle contains, and what’s your daily intake, you can easily calculate how long will your CBD bottle will last, and when it’s time to buy a new one:

Total amount of CBD in a bottle (mg) ÷ your daily CBD dose (mg) = Number of CBD doses in the bottle

Since you plan to use the oil on a daily basis, the result you got from the formula also represents the number of days that a given bottle will last.

The information about mg (milligrams) of CBD per bottle should be clearly stated on the packaging.