Does CBD Oil Need to be Refrigerated


When it comes to CBD oil, one of the most common concerns is whether it has to be refrigerated or not. 

This is a completely legitimate thing to worry about, and in this article we’re going to cover all of the related critical aspects.

First things first, CBD oil doesn’t have to be refrigerated, although this of course doesn’t mean that it should be stored anywhere.

CBD oil (quite similarly to other food-grade oils) is very sensitive to excess heat and moisture, but also air exposure and direct sunlight.

This means that if it isn’t properly stored, CBD oil can degrade and become rancid before it reaches its expiration date.

The safest way to prevent this from happening is by keeping your CBD oil bottles in a dark dry cabinet, or a pantry. 

It’s also optional to store your CBD oil in the fridge, but the main issue with this storing method is that CBD oil tends to thicken (or crystalize) from the cold.

You can easily return the oil to its room-temperature state by running the bottle under hot water. 

But if you’re planning to use CBD oil on a daily basis, all this back and forth will definitely be a nuisance, and since CBD oil is utterly safe at room temperature, it’s also completely unnecessary.

Despite that, there are times when it’s a good idea to refrigerate your CBD oil.

For instance, if you purchase several bottles of CBD oil at the same time, you can store the bottles that you’re not immediately going to use in the fridge. 

It’s also important to mention that the bottles in which CBD oil comes in are intentionally designed small, so the user (if consuming CBD oil regularly) will finish the bottle long before it expires. 

Producers of high-quality CBD oil also frequently manufacture their bottles using darkened glass, which helps to preserve the freshness of the oil during transport.

If you plan to use your CBD oil on the go, remember that it’s paramount to avoid any heat, excess moisture and direct sunlight.